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Watermelon Soap (red or orange option)

Watermelon Soap (red or orange option)

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This soap is made with actual fresh watermelon juice. The extra sugars from the watermelon help to create a scrumptious, and bubbly lather. Watermelon is packed full of skin loving vitamins and antioxidants perfect for lathering up with!

Ingredients: watermelon juice, mango butter, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, fragrance, color, poppy seeds, dried calendula and cornflowers.

Fragrance Notes: Honeydew melon, Watermelon and, sugar

At check out you can decide from a yellow or red soap. They are exactly the same ingredients except the yellow ones have no colorant. The yellow color is the natural color the soap turned from the watermelon juice after it cured. The red ones have added red color for a red watermelon color.

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