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Solid Dish Detergent Cake Refill 4 ounces Rosemary & Orange

Solid Dish Detergent Cake Refill 4 ounces Rosemary & Orange

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Introducing solid dish detergent. This product is not intended for dishwashers but made for your kitchen sink! To use, simply run warm water over the dish cake and agitate the surface with the bamboo scrubber to create a rich lather and cleanse your dishes to perfection! If you want to fill your sink with suds, agitate the surface of the dish cake with your bamboo scrubber while running hot water over it and watch your sink fill with cleansing  bubbles.

This is a handmade Refill cake made to fit in the ramekins that come with the solid dish detergent kit! Or you can simply buy the dish cake and place in your own holder. This is an eco-friendly product made with biodegradable, plant based surfactants that are easy on the environment and easy on your hands! These last for a month or longer depending on use!

Made With: lauryl ether sulfate, Distilled Water, glycerin, white vinegar, Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate), Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil 4 grams, Liquid Germall Plus (preservative)

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