Poppies & Dandelions Cold Process Soap

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  • Poppies & Dandelions Cold Process Soap

This soap is a real powerhouse. The olive oil in this soap is infused with poppies and dandelions. Poppies have anti-microbial properties, making them a wonderful natural cleanser, they are also anti-inflammatory helping to sooth inflamed skin. Dandelions are also anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging.

Lovingly Made With: poppy and dandelion infused olive oil, castor oil, palm oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, mango butter, fragrance, color, organic poppy seeds and dried pomegranate flowers

Fragrance Notes: bright notes of lily, magnolia, rose, carnation, mimosa, plum, musk, and sandalwood.


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